Charlie’s Lunch Trip Update – Cuernavaca July 2010

August 20th, 2010

Alicia Painting a Little Girl's Fingernails

Jim and Alicia just spent a week in Cuernavaca Mexico on a mission trip that served the communities where our Charlie’s Lunchrooms are located. What an amazing week it was! Our kids, along with several parents and other families in the communities were brought to a medical and dental clinic by bus each day. They were offered free medical and dental consultations along with free medications, had the opportunity to go to the hair salon…lice treatments for all followed by cuts, styles, color – whatever they wanted! Evangelism programs ran throughout the day, and the result was amazing! 2780 medical/dental consultations and at least 195 decisions to accept Christ!

It starts with giving lunch to a hungry child, and changes lives for eternity! Please continue to pray for this ministry, for our kids, and our volunteers. It is not easy to keep these lunchrooms going, but they do it with huge smiles on their faces, and arms wide open to give hugs all around!

Two of Our Charlie's Lunch KidsDid you know…

  • …the purchase of one Charlie’s Lunchbox feeds a child for a month?
  • …individual hostesses have sold enough lunchboxes outside of their parties to sponsor a child for a year?
  • …just from rounding up totals and selling groups of lunches, Initial Outfitters funded more than 1 entire lunchroom for a year? That’s over 60 children who are being fed, for a year, because thousands of people chose to round up their totals. Those pennies that seem so insignificant become very significant when totaled together!

Thank you for all that you do to make this possible!