Our Obsession – The Perfect Combination of Grey Pearls and Crystals

June 3rd, 2011

Check out pages 40 - 41 in the catalog for a description of this necklace and ideas on different ways it can be worn, JN0495-0500 $129

Whether you wear it to work, to your kid’s soccer game, or to a party, you’re sure to make a statement with this necklace!  A 5 strand combination of grey pearls and crystals, this necklace is the perfect neutral accessory this season (it even comes with earrings!)…and it goes with just about everything!  So, naturally, it is our obsession this week!!

Don’t need much volume added to your outfit?  No problem!  Take off a strand or two and wear them as bracelets!  Need a longer necklace?  Fine!  Wear it long!  There are many different ways to wear this necklace!  Ultimate versatility!

Add style and volume to your everyday business attire! Pair this necklace with your simple office wardrobe for a bold, new, fashionable look!

“Dress up” your look with this necklace! Pair with your everyday casual attire and add style to even the most simple of outfits. This necklace is a definite outfit maker!

White on white is hot this season! Add bold, neutral accessories like this necklace, and your outfit is complete. You will look like you just stepped off the runway!

Upgrade your look with prints this summer! From floral to animal prints to stripes, prints are so “in” this season! Pair this necklace with your favorite prints to add elegance to your look.

JN0495-0200 Silver Crosses $89

JN0495-0100 Turquoise and Lime $129

We love our other 3-5 strand necklaces, too!

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JN0495-0400 Charcoal $89

JN0495-0300 Pearl $89

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