Our Obsession-Vinyl Monogram as Home Décor!

August 25th, 2011

Want a frame with a vinyl monogram of your own?  Here’s what we did!  First, we went to Target and bought this black floating frame (http://www.target.com/p/Room-Essentials-174-Float-Frame-Black/-/A-11236419) for $19.99.  Then we had Katie, our wonderful vinyl specialist, cut a 6” vinyl monogram…a good size for this 15” x 11” frame.  If you would rather do a single initial, the 14” single initial looks great on this frame, too when hung vertically!  These frames come with two pieces of glass so that a picture (or in this case, vinyl) can go in between.  We placed the vinyl on the front of the back piece of glass, put the frame back together, and voila!  This was our result!  Vinyl information can be found on pages 86 & 87 of the catalog.

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