Introducing The Look of the Month!

January 5th, 2012

We’re not the only ones who are obsessed with our awesome rustic charm necklaces! They were the hit of Christmas at IO. So… as we introduce The Look of the Month in 2012, this is definitely the look you want! Stay tuned for exciting new pieces we will be introducing into the collection, more personalization ideas, and tips on how to wear pieces in this collection with others in the line! We know you’re going to love it all!!

Shown here we have used both the JN0394 medium bead chain $14-$20 and the JN0395 aged brown link chain $12-$20 as our necklaces.

Pendants and charms used (from left to right):

Necklace 1: JP0411-0100 $14, JP0405 $16, JC0007-06 $7, JP0201 $39

Necklace 2: JC0007-06 $7, JC0005-(letter) $14, JP0404 $22, JP0411-0100 $14, JC0004-(letter) $12

Necklace 3: JC0005-(letter) $14, JC0007-06 $7, JP0411-0100 $14, JP0227 $18, JC0004-(letter) $12