It’s Time to Spread Some Lunchbox Love

January 14th, 2013


Never heard of Lunchbox Love?  Let us fill you in!

Lunchbox Love is a project that Initial Outfitters began last year in January, and it has already found a very special place in our hearts.  Here’s the idea.  Everyone loves the idea that our Charlie’s lunchboxes feed children around the world.  Many Outfitters would like to also help children in their local communities.  So why not combine the two and do double good with Charlie’s Lunchboxes?

Here’s what happens.  An Outfitter identifies a local organization, Children’s Hospital, school backpack program, etc. that is near and dear to their heart.  Then a goal is set for the number of lunchboxes to be sponsored based on the needs of the chosen group.

Once the project is planned, the next step is to spread the word and get the sponsorships!  We say sponsorships because, in a Lunchbox Love project, the people purchasing the lunchboxes are not receiving the lunchboxes.   They are making the purchase in order to feed our Charlie’s Lunch kids, and have the lunchbox given to the local group as a way to bless them as well!

Many Outfitters use their own profits to purchase items to fill the lunchboxes with goodies before they are delivered.  Often, church members, children, scout groups, and other friends are asked to help with this part of the project so that even more people can be involved in giving of themselves for others.

Last year, Initial Outfitters was able to fully sponsor an entire lunchroom for a year just from the Lunchbox Love projects that were run!  It was amazing!  It is win-win for everyone.  Every single lunchbox sold feeds a child for about a month!  Every project will make a difference!

Contact us if you would like to find a consultant near you that is currently working on a Lunchbox Love project.  Be sure to check out our Charlie’s Lunchbox Customer Special, too!