DIY Monogrammed Chevron Wall Art

March 21st, 2013

We found a cute and easy way to paint a chevron print on a canvas (thank you Pinterest!), and decided to make it personal!  Below we will walk you through creating a monogrammed chevron canvas of your own.


Here’s what you will need:

12″ x 12″ blank canvas (you can get these at Hobby Lobby)

Paint colors of your choice

Blue painters tape


5″ vinyl monogram from Initial Outfitters


Start by lightly drawing 12 1″ squares vertically across the canvas.  Be sure not to press too hard–you don’t want to see the pencil marks through the paint.  Then, draw diagonal lines through each square, from a top corner to a bottom corner and then a bottom corner to a top corner.  The diagonal lines should alternate directions across the rows (horizontal) and go the same direction down columns (vertical).  Cut 2″ strips of  blue painters tape and cover every other chevron line (horizontal) with the tape.  Paint the chevron lines not covered & let dry.  Once dry, cover the painted lines and paint the uncovered, unpainted lines your other paint color.  Let dry.  Then, place your 5″ vinyl monogram from Initial Outfitters in the center & hang on the wall or place on a bookshelf. That’s it!  Super easy and super cute!