Hostess Exclusives

September 23rd, 2015


We love to reward our hostesses! In addition to your regular (& amazing) Hostess Rewards, you can shop our Hostess Specials each month and take advantage of our Hostess Exclusive Deals listed below. Host a $1200 party and choose one of our Hostess Exclusive Deals at 80% off + receive a bonus gift. Hosting a party around the holidays is a great way to get Christmas gifts for your friends and family…for free! Hosting a party is simple, and your consultant will take care of everything & help you get ready for the party every step of the way. Contact your consultant to get your Initial Outfitters party on the calendar today!


Cover Girl Look

Cover Girl Look
HS0054-(specify option)

-0120 20” Necklace with Vintage Silver Pieces  or
-0124 24” Necklace with Vintage Silver Pieces
Includes the following:
JN0353 Worth the Tassel Necklace (choose either the 20” $49 or 24” $54)
JP0342 $26 VS Camelot Pendant
JB0414 $16 Jet Black Crystals and Silver Bead Bracelet
JB0672 $48 VS Suede Bracelet
JE0325-02 $22 VS Interlocking Scroll Earrings
JR0039 $26 VS Braided Oval Adjustable Ring
JN0318-01 $22 Golden Hematite with Silver Chain Accent Necklace
Retail Price $224 or $229

-0220 20” Necklace with Vintage Silver and Sterling Pieces
-0224 24” Necklace with Vintage Silver and Sterling Pieces
Includes all of the items listed plus the following:
JB0148 $259 Sterling Silver Rope Link Charm Bracelet
JB0150 $239 Sterling Silver Dotted Cuff Bracelet
Retail Price $722 or $727
What will your price be?


Ironworks Look

Ironworks Look
HS0055-(specify option)

-07 7” Black Rhapsody Cuff
-08 8” Black Rhapsody Cuff
Includes the following:
JP0341 $26 IW Coat of Arms Pendant
JN0395-0020 $14 20” Aged Link Chain
JN0322-01 $39 Antique Falling for Fringe Necklace
The Black Rhapsody Interchangeable Cuff $34 (choose either a 7” or $8”)
JP0544 $22 IW Engravable Plate
JR0034 $26 IW Braided Oval Adjustable Ring
JE0187 $14 IW S-Scroll Earrings
Retail Price $190
What will your price be?


Vintage Gold Look

Vintage Gold Look

Includes the following:
JN0318-02 $22 Taupe with Silver Chain Accent Necklace
JP0339 $26 VG Cathedral Pendant
JN0731-0030 $18 30”Antique Silvertone Pearl Charm Necklace
JN0344-01 $49 Crème Once Upon a Time Necklace
JE0325-01 $22 VG Interlocking Scroll
JB0147-01 $26 VG Blessed Cuff Bracelet
JB0425-02 $28 Nude and Silvertone Leatherette Identity Bracelet
JB0422 $26 Girl’s Best Friend Bracelet
Retail price $227
What will your price be?

VS Generations Look

Vintage Silver Generations
Necklace HS0047

Includes the following:
JC0103 Victorian Silvertone Initial Charm
JC0138 Amazing Grace Silvertone Charm
JP0518 VS Ornate Cross Pendant
JC0124 Silvertone Written from the Heart Charm
JN0608-0020 20” VS Aged Link Chain

Retail Price $98
What will your price be?

Classic Silver Look

Classic Silver Look
HS0057-(specify option)

-01 Silverplated Option
JN0348-01 $34 SP Why Not? Necklace
JP0348 $26 SP Vienna Pendant and
JC0170 $22 SP Freshwater Pearl Tassel Charm
JN0481 $21 Single 10mm Freshwater Pearl on Silver Chain
JB0715 $74 SP Chunky Hammered Bracelet
JP0490 $26 SP Small Brushed Etched Rimmed Pendant .9”w
Retail Price $213

Silverplated and Sterling Ring
-0206 (sz. 6) -0207 (sz. 7) -0208 (sz. 8) -0209 (sz. 9)
JR0048 $159 Sterling Silver Filigree Flourish Ring
Retail Price $372
What will your price be?


Quick Getaway Set

Quick Getaway Set
HS0058-(specify option)

Select the color of Weekender and Cosmetic Clutch
-0100 Black     -0200 Green     -0300 Sangria Red     -0400 Royal      -0500 Khaki       -0600 Strawberry

EH0134 $49 Nylon Weekender*
EH0136 $24 Nylon Cosmetic/Clutch*
*Weekender and Clutch must be matching in color.
ES0086-02 $24 iKat Infinity Scarf
EH0126 $49 Classic Cargo Handbag Choose any pattern!
Retail Price $174
What will your price be?

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