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March 4th, 2016


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March is the month of Spring Break {for most of us}, which means it’s almost time to take a break and travel with friends and family. It’s the long awaited break between Christmas and summer where we try to get tan in a week, eat a lot :), and get in an adventure or two. This year Spring Break cannot come fast enough… are we right?! Another question- Do you have all the right pieces to make packing easy and fun? Check out IO’s Travel-In-Style Collection, featuring two adorable prints! You can’t go wrong with our top selling Gray Florence print, boasting a chic design in gray and white. Or go for stripes in our new Nautical Navy print which screams “take me somewhere tropical!” Both collections offer all of the pieces you need to pack quickly and easily, and stay organized while you travel! The jewelry roll is a MUST-HAVE because keeping your jewels organized and protected is important, and this is the best jewelry roll ever if we do say so ourselves! What are you waiting for? Grab your map, select your destination, and get personal with the ones you love!


beach bound
grey florence

EH0139-01 $64 Garment Bag | SC0268-15 $42 Wallet | EH0157-03 $39 Two Tone Sling | EH0142-01 $28 Cosmetic Train | EH0143-01 $32 Jewelry Roll | SC0275-25 $16 Luggage Wrap | EH0140-01 $52 Weekender Bag


come sail away
navy stripe

EH0155-04 $69 Large Weekender Bag | SC0266-25 $16 Luggage Wrap | GC0002-0700 $18 Ball Cap | EH0149-02 $39 Lauryn Sling | EH0144-04 $36 Hanging Toiletry | EH0141-04 $26 Curling Iron Case | ES0086-02 $24 Ikat Infinity Scarf | SC0235-17 $22 Passport Cover | EH0139-04 $64 Garment Bag


grey florence collection
navy stripe collection

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