Make it Meaningful with Personalization

April 1st, 2016


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Personalized jewelry adds meaning to your jewelry box and makes gifting extra special (including the gifts you buy for yourself 😉 ). It allows us to remember special dates with roman numerals, showcase coordinates from a special trip, or honor those who serve or have served our country. Life is full of emotions; compliment your monogram with a word, phrase or hashtag.

When you find your soulmate, the date you become one is a treasure.

SAVE THE DATE | Initial Outfitters

Let the romance live on with a modern monogram representing your unity, and roman numerals to remember the day forever.

TWO BECOME ONE | Initial Outfitters

May the memory live on in the coordinates of your special trip.

GRADUATION TRIP | Initial Outfitters

Keeping those who serve our country close to your heart.

A FOREVER HERO | Initial Outfitters

When two loves collide! Hashtags and numbers support your favorite team player.

FAVORITE THINGS | Initial Outfitters

A mother’s love is one of the greatest blessings in life.

MOTHER'S LOVE | Initial Outfitters

When the desire within becomes a reality. #icandoanything

WE GOT THIS | Initial Outfitters

Two is better than one. A simple plus sign can mean so much.

YOU + ME | Initial Outfitters

Vows of commitment establish a family’s beginning.

I DO | Initial Outfitters

Celebrating your new addition to the family.

BUNDLE OF JOY | Initial Outfitters

Double black diamond run checked off your bucket list! #fearless

ADRENALINE RUSH | Initial Outfitters

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