Welcome to day one of your new Initial Outfitters business!

This is the first of your 30 Daily Action Emails. These emails are designed to steer you to the activities that will make the biggest impact in your business.

Great news! Help is here! Your sponsor is your closest support as you kick off your new business, so stay in touch with her. High Heel Camp is the first training resource you will use as you learn best practices for every action we suggest. So, read below to learn what fun activities await you today and how you get in step with High Heel Camp to guide you.

Let's get this party started!

  • Have you booked your first 4-6 parties over the next 45 days? If not, TODAY is the day! If you have, don't stop! A full calendar of home parties puts you on the path to a super start.
  • Prepare to show off! Introduce your new business to everyone you know by hosting a business debut or launch party as one of your first 4-6 parties. Schedule yours on your calendar within the next two weeks.
  • Make friends with FRANK to build your contact list.
  • Reflect for a moment on your motivation for starting your new business. What do you really want to accomplish? It is essential to your success that you understand why you're starting your business. You'll be challenged to write down your 'why' soon and share it with your sponsor, so start thinking about it today.

Each of today's priorities is discussed in detail in Module 101 of High Heel Camp. You'll even find suggested scripts for booking your first parties. Log on to your virtual office using the instructions you received in your Initial Outfitters welcome email. Look for the blue banner on the home page that says High Heel Camp, read the overview and dive in! Don't miss the videos and supporting documents that go with many of the modules.

Congratulations! What a productive first day you've had!

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. ~ Sally Berger