Preparation is your word for Day 11! A little preparation will have a tremendous effect on the outcome of your parties, including your launch. Use your time wisely and prepare packets for all of your parties scheduled over the next 45 days. This is an efficient way to work, and you'll discover how great it feels to be prepared. Let's quickly review what you need for your parties and where to find the details in the Initial Training Track of High Heel Camp.

  • Hostess packets (Module 102). These are a must for efficient and results-oriented hostess coaching.
  • Sponsoring packets (Module 106). These allow you to create interest in joining your team and increase your credibility as a consultant.

At any given time, there may be a few items in our catalog that have become unavailable from a supplier or are backordered. Be sure to ask your sponsor about the backorder list and discontinued list so you'll be prepared with that information.

Be prepared to schedule specific dates for the parties you'll book from your launch party. To do this, mark your calendar with your open party dates over the next 45 days, or use an open date card (High Heel Camp Module 103).

Doesn't it feel great to be prepared? It's such a confidence-booster. Way to go!

Confidence is the companion of success.