Today will be productive as we focus on two areas of your business! First, Top 10 Party Tips! You were introduced to Intro and Go about a week ago, but as time is getting closer for you to try it out, challenge yourself to learn more. Pull out your Initial Action Guide and turn to page 15.

Second, let's talk about your office-to-go. You'll discover that you'll need marketing materials and business supplies while you are out and about sharing your business. This is where your office-to-go comes in. Find a tote or a small crate to organize your materials so you'll be ready when an opportunity presents itself.

What items will you want to keep in your office-to-go? Catalogs, order forms, look books, hostess and sponsoring packets. Keep thank you notes and pens with you, too, so that you can utilize pockets of time that surface unexpectedly.

It's been another great day for your Initial Outfitters business! We appreciate all that you are doing to get off to a super start!

What we see depends mainly on what we look for.
~ John Lubbock