It's the end of your first two weeks! Can you believe it? Congratulations! It's most likely time to enter your first party order in your virtual office. Don't worry—the system is very user-friendly and we have wonderful tools to guide you. High Heel Camp Module 105 provides an overview of order entry. Also, visit Downloads in your virtual office and click on the 2017 New Consultants folder. Locate the document entitled Virtual Office Order Entry Instructions.

You have been utilizing High Heel Camp frequently during these first two weeks. Remember that the suggested timeline is for you to complete all six modules of the Initial Training Track by the time of your launch party. Are you on track to meet that goal? It will be worth it to catch up, if not!

As soon as you finish with the first track, dive into High Heel Camp: The Next Step. This second track covers very important topics including making connections with customers, providing great service, more details on IO Loves, and much more. We encourage you to set a goal to complete High Heel Camp: The Next Step Track by the end of your first 30 days. You can do it!

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