Welcome to your Day 16 action email!

Let's build on yesterday's message by talking about making more meaningful connections in your business. What do you think is the very best way to build relationships that fuel your business? By holding home parties! Your home parties are where you meet new people, connect with those you've previously met, and get referrals of new people to meet. Each new home party you book will give you the opportunity to start a relationship with new people. This is called building your people pipeline. This is a critical component to long-term success in every area of your business.

While personal contact is the best way to establish relationships, Facebook and Pinterest build on the relationships that you have built via high touch communication. Social media allows you to continue the conversation, so to speak. In High Heel Camp: The Next Step, Module 201, you will learn about balancing social media with high touch communication as you make meaningful connections.

Just think of all the new concepts and best practices you are learning. Always rely on these to propel you to reach your dreams!

Well done is better than well said. ~ Benjamin Franklin