We have a super-important topic for Day 17!

Have you thought about the practice of asking questions as a business tool? When we ask questions, we uncover information, needs, wants and emotions. When we fail to ask, we operate on our own assumptions which can lead to missed opportunities. There are two questions that you want to incorporate into your daily IO vocabulary:

  1. 'Have you ever thought about doing what I do?' Practice saying it aloud to see how easy it is! Challenge yourself to use this question in daily conversation at sporting events, church, over lunch with friends, with family members, at parties. Make it a habit to ask every hostess as part of hostess coaching. Ask it everywhere! Ask it often! You will be amazed at the doors that it will open.
  2. 'Who do you know?' Asking 'who' questions allows you to reach out to your existing contacts so that you can get to know theirs! Each person you know is your link to others you don’t yet know. So, challenge yourself to step out and start asking: Who do you know who loves personalized products, gifts, jewelry? Who do you know who loves to get together with friends? Who do you know who is a 'party waiting to happen?' Who do you know who needs to earn extra income?

Become comfortable with asking questions and you will learn amazing things that can create opportunities in your business. Be bold. Start asking. Who will you question today?

One thing you can't recycle is wasted time. ~Unknown