Making a difference with your business—what a special subject! And, our Charlie's Lunch partnership allows you to do just that as we feed hungry children in multiple countries through lunchrooms funded by the efforts of Initial Outfitters consultants. Have you thought of how you might want to get involved with this partnership?

Have you begun to invite party guests to round up their orders for Charlie's Lunch? If so, thank you. You may also be selling lunchboxes. If so, thank you. Initial Outfitters donates 100% of the profit from each lunchbox and each Charlie's Cookbook sold. Did you know that when you sell one lunchbox, it feeds a child for a month? When you sell fifteen, you have fed a child for an entire year!

Discover the heartwarming details of the Charlie's Lunch story, and learn about the impact you can make when you complete Module 201 of High Heel Camp: The Next Step. Be sure to view the Charlie's Lunch video featuring our founders that complements the training module.

Share the Charlie's Lunch story during your Intro and Go at your parties and invite guests to get involved. Discuss it during hostess coaching, too. You'll find that many hostesses are eager to spread the word about Charlie's Lunch so that their parties make a difference.

If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one. -Mother Teresa