An attitude of service will get you very far in this business! That's our focus for day 19.

Have you ever considered that selling is really serving? When you ask questions at a party to uncover needs, it allows you to serve through sharing information and making suggestions. Your ability to provide one-on-one service at the party, plus regular follow-up after the party, adds great value to the IO shopping experience. Where else does a customer get that type of ongoing service?

Discover more about selling as serving in Module 203 of High Heel Camp: The Next Step. You'll also learn about two other related subjects: how great service increases your chances of obtaining referrals and how to make effective suggestions at your parties.

The time that you spend with each customer at check-out is full of opportunities to grow your business. If you haven't viewed the 'Time of Check-out' video to see a live role play of this important interaction, please do so now. Talk with your sponsor to get her ideas on maximizing check-out time. Practice what you learn so that you find your own natural word choices. Most of all, make serving your customers your passion and the dollars will come!

Always do more than expected: under promise, over deliver.
~Tom Peters