Did you know that learners are earners? That's why we commend you for utilizing High Heel Camp, your Initial Action Guide and these daily action emails! Refer to these training materials and others in your virtual office in the coming months, or anytime that you need a refresher.

Successful consultants never stop learning! They make it a non-negotiable to participate in ongoing training opportunities offered by Initial Outfitters. Many of these are in the form of energizing conference calls where consultants discover the latest news, tools or training, get inspiration from consultant testimonials, connect with the home office staff, and receive recognition. Have you participated in a corporate conference call led by the home office or a team-hosted conference call yet?

Join us at our live training events, too! Ask you sponsor or upline leader why you should attend Spring Training, annual Conference and local sharing events throughout the year. You'll have to hear the excitement in her voice to really understand how amazing these events are! They are game-changers!

A leader leads by example, whether he intends to or not. ~ Unknown