Do you like to be 'in the know?' An Outfitter who is knowledgeable about her products has more credibility with her customers. Does this mean you have to know everything about your products? No way! You just need to know where you can find information.

When you are knowledgeable, customers will see you as their go-to source for great products. Hostesses will be eager for you to help their friends with product solutions, and will be more inclined to refer their friends to you. When you are knowledgeable, you appear more professional, which draws more women to you with the possibility of joining your team.

Where do you find product information? Your catalog is your best resource. Other resources include your monthly consultant newsletter called The Monogram, the Social Media folder in the Downloads in your virtual office, and home office posts on the Initial Outfitters Facebook page. Another wonderful resource is your customer newsletter, the IO E-Blast.

Speaking of IO E-Blast, you receive a Warm Call Report after each issue is released. The Warm Call Report enables you to follow up with high touch communication based on your customers' interests. Review Module 201 of High Heel Camp: The Next Step for details. Be sure to read the sample conversation starters as supporting documents for the module, too.

The tools you've learned about today are wonderful resources, but you must use them to see the rewards! You can do it!

Strive for progress, not perfection.
– Unknown