Two interesting terms deserve your attention today—POP and IGNITE! These terms apply to monthly sales benchmarks in your business. To POP means to personally sell $1200 personal volume (PV) in a given month. To IGNITE means to personally sell $2000 PV in a given month. Reaching these levels enables you to earn significant income from your party commissions, and they put you on the track for consistency bonuses. They also put you on track for earning higher SuperSTARt rewards and ongoing incentives that are available to all Outfitters.

What is the key to hitting these benchmarks? Consistency. Consistently booking and holding home parties each and every month. We suggest about a party per week to help you achieve higher income and rewards levels. Set a goal to book two parties from each party. Ask for referrals. Use the opportunities that present themselves in your daily routine to meet new people who you can invite to host parties.

Do these strategies sound familiar? They should! They are among the many best practices you have been learning about from your training resources. Refresh yourself on these best practices in the coming months, too.

As others join you in the business, it is equally as important to steer them to these resources. We know you want to be the best sponsor possible. For more information on working with your new team members to set them up for a super start, complete Module 206 in High Heel Camp: The Next Step. Make it a point to print the Sponsor Checklist and New Outfitter Tracker for each of the new consultants you have sponsored and use them to stay on track as a sponsor. These are supporting documents for Module 206.

Continue learning as you position yourself to POP—or even IGNITE—and as you invest in the success of those you sponsor!

You cannot always wait for the perfect time; sometimes you must dare to jump.