You may have noticed that we love acronyms at Initial Outfitters. That means that it's a perfect day to introduce you to two new acronyms…POW and PERK!

POW and PERK are the components of a simple system (we love simple systems, too!) to help you manage your Initial Outfitters work time so that you focus on income-producing and relationship-building activities. Your Initial Action Guide dedicates pages 22 and 23 to POW and PERK. You'll also find information about POW and PERK and other organizational tips in Module 207 of High Heel Camp: The Next Step.

Every Outfitter must organize and integrate her business into her already-busy life. So, start creating a simple work plan each week while you are still new to the business so that it will become a habit. This will enable you to maintain balance in your business by keeping your priorities in order.

One of your priorities over the course of the past four weeks has been completing your Initial Action Guide and both tracks of High Heel Camp. If you haven't yet completed those, we encourage you to do so as quickly as possible. In fact, write that down now as you see how easy it is to start your first POW!

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~ Winston Churchill