It is Day 29 of your new business and you have one full month with Initial Outfitters under your belt! Kudos to you! We are so excited that you are part of our team!

Keep it simple: this is today's subject. Throughout these four weeks, you've discovered many new concepts, best practices, systems, and tools that will empower you to realize your goals with Initial Outfitters. It is your turn now to utilize these new discoveries to maintain a simple and duplicable business.

Duplicability is something we haven't talked about yet. Being duplicable means that others see what you do and find it appealing and intriguing because it looks like something they could do. They have a desire to learn more because you have invited them to see themselves in your shoes. They may even believe they can do things better than you!

So, ask yourself regularly if your parties are duplicable, and as you mentor others, if you are embracing best practices in a way that is duplicable. Are you using the simple tools and systems we have offered you? Resolve today to keep your business simple. Not only will this maintain the FUN in your business, it will help you grow and succeed.

You have brains in your head and feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself in any direction you choose!
– Dr. Seuss