It's Day 3 already! Let's focus on your Super STARt!

Have you discussed the Super STARt incentive with your sponsor and marked your reward periods on your calendar? New consultants who jump in with both feet, and activate their businesses quickly are the ones who earn the highest rewards and have the greatest long-term success.

Speaking of rewards…how does it sound to get a raise? When you sell your first $1000 in personal volume (PV) you receive a 5% increase in your personal sales profit from then on! Earn even more in the coming months with our consistency bonus program.

Today you'll visit two other sections of your virtual office (also called back office). For now, focus on the areas we suggest, as you will utilize other resources later.

  • Notice the company announcements section on the left side of the home page (hover over the box to slow the scrolling.) Corporate and team calls will positively impact your business, so add these dates to your calendar now!
  • Create an Event for each of the parties you've booked, including your launch. You'll find easy instructions under Downloads (center top of home page). Locate the folder entitled New Outfitters…What You Need to Know. Then, find the document called Creating an Event for your Party.

You've made terrific progress today…planning to maximize your Super STARt rewards, learning about a raise, and utilizing your virtual office. Great job!  

Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.
-Martin Luther King Jr.