It's day 30 and this is your last Daily Action Email! Congratulations and thank you for your persistence! As we celebrate your 30th day with Initial Outfitters, allow these thoughts from our founders to encourage and challenge you:

While most of us are not pilots, each of us either knows someone who is a pilot or we understand how they come to earn their pilot's license. As a quick refresher, pilots are required to do several things before they can ever dream about flying a plane on their own. They must attend flight school. They must put what they have learned into practical application. They must log a certain number of flight hours before they can fly by themselves. They must keep accumulating those hours in order to promote in the opportunities that the job provides.

How does this apply to you? Think of it this way. If you have a goal of earning a certain income with IO or working to reach a particular title in our compensation plan, you are probably not going to wake up in the morning having reached either of those benchmarks without putting in some "flight hours" of your own.

When it comes to your IO business, a flight hour would be an important income-producing activity like making booking phone calls, making follow-up opportunity calls, going out to do a party, hosting opportunity interviews, and placing follow-up calls. You can log 'flight time' in several ways but the activities that will help you build those hours are very simple – party, sponsor, and care for your customers.

Many people find themselves frustrated when they haven't promoted or hit certain sales levels that another Outfitter has achieved in just a few months' time. It's easy to feel tempted to compare yourself, make excuses, or try to justify why she''s accomplishing certain things that you have not yet accomplished.

First and foremost, comparison is a thief of joy. Just don't do it. Secondly, you may find that what has happened is that she has simply logged more flight hours than you. Perhaps you did 4 parties this month and met with one prospect. That's great! If we were keeping track it would be about 5 flight hours. On the other hand, the other Outfitter averaged 2 parties a week, spoke with 6 prospects, and spent an hour each week doing some customer care calls. That would be more like 18 flight hours. So you can see why she might be progressing at a pace that is faster than yours. She has just logged more flight time.

Do pilots always have control over when and how often they can fly? No, not really. Often pilots might find themselves with a plan to spend 6 hours flying one day and a storm comes rolling in. Just like that he has gone from being able to earn six hours down to nothing.

Do you always have control over whether or not you can log flight hours? No, but you have more control than the pilot. When a party reschedules, you can decide that your party cancelled and that's it, no flight time. However, you can take the time you were going to spend at the party and use it another way. Calling from your warm list to book a few more parties, or touching base with people that have expressed interest in learning more about IO are all income-producing activities that get you flight time. You can work on customer care or you can listen to a few training modules. There are lots of ways you can keep working toward the flight hours you need to do anything you want to in this business. So, when you are having a less then fantastic day with IO just remember, good or bad, when you keep working toward logging your flight hours, you will be making progress.

Anytime you are thrilled or less than thrilled with your results, think for a moment, what was my activity for the month? How many fight hours did I log? In what areas were they? Very often looking at it that way will give you great perspective.

This business, like any other, will have a natural cycle. What we find is that when you plan for all of those cycles and work through them by doing the activities that are important to your success, you will find that you are piloting the exact business you desire.

It is wonderful to have you as a member of the Initial Outfitters Family. We are so very excited to share all of your future successes with you.

-Alicia & Jim Storbeck, Founders, & Beth Reeves, Co-founder