It's time for a pat on the back!

So don't just sit there, get busy. Stretch your arm up, bend your elbow so that your hand is above your upper back, and start patting! Be proud of all that you have learned and accomplished in your first five days with Initial Outfitters. Most of all, we hope you are having fun!

Hostess coaching is your focus for today. Hostess coaching directly affects the number of guests who attend your parties, and the number of guests directly affects your sales, bookings, referrals and sponsoring leads. You can see why it is one of the greatest indicators of a successful party. Have you completed High Heel Camp Module 102 yet? This module breaks hostess coaching into bite-size pieces, but be sure to talk with your sponsor about any questions you have.

  • Discover our simple system called 3, 2, 1, Before, During and After in Module 102.
  • Print Hostess Coaching Checklists for each of the parties you've booked, plus your launch.
  • View the video to become familiar with the conversation flow when using the checklist.
  • Don't forget to 'coach yourself' to a successful launch party according to the checklist.

Your starter kit should be on its way to you by now! Track your shipment during transit so you can plan to celebrate on the day it arrives. You should have received an email from the delivery service which includes the tracking number. A tracking link can also be found on your invoice, in your Virtual Office Order History.

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. ~Walt Disney