Get ready for an exciting day!

We're going to talk about what happens at the party! Parties are the lifeblood of your business, and Initial Outfitters parties are so much fun! Module 103 in High Heel Camp is your first resource for simple and successful parties.

  • Learn about Intro and Go, which is your template to follow at your parties, including your launch. Make it your own by adding your creativity and personality. Make it interactive.
  • View the Intro and Go video to grasp the simplicity of it.
  • Talk with your sponsor about some of her favorite 'GO' ideas.
  • View the Time of Check-Out video to make the most of this critical time at your parties.

On another note, have you participated in a corporate or team call yet? Always schedule time to participate in the live call or listen the recording. You don't want to miss any information or training that will lead you to the success you desire.

What a fun day of party preparation it has been! Feel great about what you've accomplished! And, continue to share your excitement everywhere you go as you book parties and plan your launch. This is how you will build your business momentum.

Confidence is in the preparation.
~Richard Kline