Time to celebrate!

Your starter kit has most likely arrived by now, or will very soon! Don't you just love your new products? And, how special that your kit has your personal monogram!

Read over all of the literature. Play with your products and have fun! In fact, grab a few friends and show off your products to them. One of them may get so excited that she wants to join you as a consultant! Don't forget to call your sponsor and tell her your kit has arrived. She'll be eager to hear from you.

Did you notice your Initial Action Guide as part of your starter kit literature? Get your hands on it now and get started on this fun, interactive training tool! Start at the beginning, moving as quickly as possible to pages 9 and 10: What's Your Why and My Plan. Continue building your FRANK list with the memory joggers listed on page 13.

Keep sharing IO everywhere you go! Wear your jewelry and other products every day. Get ready to put your brochures and look books to work for you, too. Spend a few minutes labeling or stamping these and all of your marketing materials. Where will you go today to share your excitement about your new business and invite others to get involved?

Don't be afraid to go out on a limb. That's where the fruit is.
~ H. Jackson Browne