Welcome to Day 9 where you will learn to market yourself and your new business in new ways! Ask your sponsor about ordering business cards, and make a plan to give them out when they arrive. Change the voice mail greeting on your phone. Change your email signature. And, remember to always label or stamp your marketing materials with your contact information.
*Review the company's Polices & Procedures document to ensure your email address, voicemail, and email signature are in compliance with the Initial Outfitters guidelines. The PDF can be found under the Big Blue Button on your Virtual Office homepage, and in the New Consultants Folder in the Download section. 

Ready to get organized? Now that higher-priority activities have been getting your attention, it's a good idea to set up your home office area. Find a space where you can organize a few supplies in a file box or cabinet. You'll only need a few supplies such as labels or a stamp, manila folders, calculator, calendar, cash bag and pens. Be sure to create a simple system for tracking expenses for tax time so that you can keep good records and save receipts. Your sponsor can share ideas with you.

We recommend a separate checking account for depositing business checks. Also, obtain a separate credit or debit card for your business, or designate one of your current cards for business purposes. *This could be the same card used for the starter kit and $10.00 monthly fee, for your account.

You should be feeling more organized now. How are you doing with High Heel Camp and your Initial Action Guide? Continue working through these as you build a strong foundation for business success.

It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not.