• How much do I earn on my personal sales?

    Earn 30% profit on your personal sales, and have the potential to earn commissions from sales made by your downline. You can also qualify for free jewelry, cash, trips, and prizes through monthly and annual contests.

  • Do I have to buy all of my samples at suggested retail price?

    Earn up to $600 in FREE JEWELRY during your first 90 days with Initial Outfitters through our Quick Start Program. You can also qualify for half priced items every month based on your personal sales!  And, you receive your 30% consultant discount on other items that you personally purchase.

  • Is there a hostess program, and who pays for it?

    You can enthusiastically offer Initial Outfitters Hostess Rewards Program to potential hostesses, knowing that this is free to you, and generously rewards her efforts. Most Initial Outfitters hostesses earn $150-$300 in free merchandise!  Initial Outfitters fully funds the Hostess Rewards Program as outlined in our literature. These rewards include free and half priced items, based on the number of orders and total sales at her party. There are also rewards for parties that produce bookings.

  • How is the product delivered?

    Show orders are generally delivered to the hostess, but you can choose to receive them yourself. Either way, you can relax knowing that individual orders will be attractively packaged and labeled for each individual customer.

  • How will I manage and promote my business?

    Be confident that your business has a solid foundation. State-of-the-art software allows online ordering, web reporting, and business support designed especially for our consultants. Initial Outfitters consultants also have the ability to create a personal website, replicated from the corporate site. Your own personalized website is linked to the Initial Outfitters site, so it is low maintenance for you, and professionally promotes your business. Professionally produced marketing materials, and a fabulous catalog will also help make your business easy to promote.

  • How much space will I need for this in my home?

    There is no inventory that you are required to carry! Your money isn’t tied up, and there is no need to have an entire extra room devoted to product! In fact, orders are pre-paid for by your customers before you place them! So your investment will never have to be a burden.