Host a party!

$500+ Party

$500+ Party:

Choose one Miss Ashley Tote EH0133-(specify color) for $28* (reg. $49)

-0100 Red with Navy Dots
-0200 Black with White Dots
-0300 Green with Navy Dots

Limit 2 per hostess.
*Personalization fees do apply.


$800+ Party

$800+ Party:

JS0236 Rhapsody Bracelet
Choose one plate and one bracelet for $25* (reg. $60)
Limit 1 per hostess.
See main catalog for more options.
*Personalization fees do apply.


$1000+ Party

$1000+ Party:

JS0237 Get the Look! For $30* (reg. $74)
Includes JN0758, JP0506, JN0395-0020
Limit 1 per hostess.
*Personalization fees do apply.



Have you ever dreamed of going on a Free Shopping Spree?

You might think that a great time with friends, boutique shopping on your schedule, and the chance to create a style all your own is enough of a reason to host an Initial Outfitters party. But as an Initial Outfitters hostess, you also get a generous Free Shopping Spree through our catalog!

An Initial Outfitters party is just that…A PARTY!

This could be the most relaxed, fun, and rewarding party you have ever hosted!


  • Book a party. Find a date that works for you and your Initial Outfitters consultant, and reserve that date. Then get excited! This is going to be fun!
  • Make your guest list. Invite your friends to a fun girl’s night! It only takes 6 buying guests to be a party, but the more orders you have, the more fun your shopping spree will be!
  • Shop & earn. Earn free, 70% off, and ½ price items just for hosting a party, plus much more!

See how much you can earn in the chart below!


Hostess Rewards

Party Retail Sales Free Shopping Spree Items at
50% Off
One Item at
70% off
Exclusive Hostess Deals
$1200+ $300 5 yes 80% off + Bonus Gift
$1000+ $250 5 yes 80% off
$900+ $220 4 yes 70% off
$800+ $200 4 yes 60% off
$700+ $150 3 yes 50% off
$600+ $130 3 yes 50% off
$500+ $110 3 yes 50% off
$400+ $60 2 yes 25% off
$250+ $30 1 yes 25% off
up to $249 1 10% off


That’s not all! As a hostess of an Initial Outfitters party, you can also enjoy the following:
  • Hostess Booking Bonus! For every party that is booked from your party, you will receive an extra item at 50% off, which can be placed on that party order with no charge for shipping! Share this opportunity with your friends and watch your bonuses grow!
  • At a $250+ Party, hostess can purchase one item at 70% off! Choose any item in the catalog, up to $89 retail value.
  • With a $500+ Party, amazing monthly specials are available to you.