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jobs for stay at home moms


jobs for stay at home moms

Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

We specialize in jobs for stay at home moms as well as anyone looking to earn extra income. Check out all of the benefits of being an Initial Outfitters consultant. If you are a stay at home mom, these jobs may be just what you are looking for with flexible hours, good income, free rewards, and more.

Personalized Jewelry

Our line of personalized jewelry and personalized gifts make this job for stay at home moms an easy choice. Check our current catalog and then sign up to become a consultant.


Like many companies, Initial Outfitters started with a dream.


Like many companies, Initial Outfitters started with a dream.  Alicia and Jim Storbeck dreamed of owning their own company – one that would make a difference in people’s lives, and be a great place to work.  One that allowed creativity, flexibility, opportunities for people to achieve success, grow, and be rewarded.

Does that sound like you in a way?

As they moved through their corporate careers, witnessed and experienced layoffs, fought the “glass ceilings”, dealt with the politics…it became more and more evident to them that the time was coming when they would leave it all behind.   When they were offered a relocation package to Upstate New York, they accepted, knowing that their divisions would be sold and that they would be out of work.  So they rented a small apartment, took one car, moved most of their belongings into storage, and lived on less than one salary, saving the rest…all in preparation for the next step.  Their own business!

Just as they predicted, their divisions were sold, and they were ready!  In 1997, Alicia and Jim launched their first company with great success.  Beth Reeves, who began working with Alicia and Jim as an engraver while in college, joined them full time after graduation.  The three realized that many of their customers were ladies who were looking for a way to make extra income, but needed the type of business support only available through direct sales.  As they listened to the dreams and desires of these ladies who were doing trunk shows and home parties, Alicia, Beth, and Jim began to dream too!  What if we could make a difference…
In 2006, after years of dreaming and planning, Initial Outfitters boutique shopping through home parties was born!

As Initial Outfitters has grown, the three have been joined by many others who are as dedicated to the success of Initial Outfitters’ consultants as they are.  The home office team is focused on and dedicated to helping women succeed!

But there is more to it than just business.

From the very beginning, Alicia, Beth, and Jim all knew that Initial Outfitters was about much more than just business.  They wanted to make a difference, for Initial Outfitters home party consultants, and for others.  Initial Outfitters partnered with Charlie’s Lunch ministries, and everyone’s hearts were hooked!


One million lunches for hungry children. Because of the hard work and gratitude of our Initial Outfitters consultants and customers, we have funded one million lunches for impoverished children around the world. Now we are excited to announce a new broader initiative we call “IO Loves” that will feed and educate impoverished and at-risk kids here in the U.S. as well as Central America and India.


IO Loves will be funded by donating all the profits from the sale of embroidered lunchboxes as well as our new personalized backpacks. Lunchbox profits are currently being donated to two charities–Charlie’s Lunch Ministries and their international feeding programs as well as Blessings in a Backpack and their weekend lunch program for hungry children here in America.


Profits from our adorable personalized backpacks go to support education initiatives to help break the cycle of poverty. Here in the U.S. we are partnering with Love Never Fails (LNFI) and their after school mentoring, tutoring, and character development program for poor and at-risk children. Likewise, we will continue to fund international projects at Christian schools that work with needy children.

At Initial Outfitters we make a living that makes a difference. Our philanthropy is at the heart of everything we do here and we welcome you to join us in this effort. How do we top one million lunches? We do it by changing the course of a child’s life, and then we do it again and again.

At Initial Outfitters, it has been a lot of fun getting to this point, and it is exciting to think about where this will go next!

We hope that you join us, and make your dreams come true along with us!