Make it Meaningful with Personalization

April 1st, 2016


easter header

Personalized jewelry adds meaning to your jewelry box and makes gifting extra special (including the gifts you buy for yourself 😉 ). It allows us to remember special dates with roman numerals, showcase coordinates from a special trip, or honor those who serve or have served our country. Life is full of emotions; compliment your monogram with a word, phrase or hashtag.

When you find your soulmate, the date you become one is a treasure.

SAVE THE DATE | Initial Outfitters

Let the romance live on with a modern monogram representing your unity, and roman numerals to remember the day forever.

TWO BECOME ONE | Initial Outfitters

May the memory live on in the coordinates of your special trip.

GRADUATION TRIP | Initial Outfitters

Keeping those who serve our country close to your heart.

A FOREVER HERO | Initial Outfitters

When two loves collide! Hashtags and numbers support your favorite team player.

FAVORITE THINGS | Initial Outfitters

A mother’s love is one of the greatest blessings in life.

MOTHER'S LOVE | Initial Outfitters

When the desire within becomes a reality. #icandoanything

WE GOT THIS | Initial Outfitters

Two is better than one. A simple plus sign can mean so much.

YOU + ME | Initial Outfitters

Vows of commitment establish a family’s beginning.

I DO | Initial Outfitters

Celebrating your new addition to the family.

BUNDLE OF JOY | Initial Outfitters

Double black diamond run checked off your bucket list! #fearless

ADRENALINE RUSH | Initial Outfitters

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Get to know Ashley, a teacher from Oxford, AL!

March 28th, 2016



What is your occupation outside of Initial Outfitters?

Elementary Teacher

What was the first thing that you purchased with your IO money?

I purchased a flat screen TV for my husband! It made me feel WONDERFUL to do something special for him because he works so hard for our family. He had been asking for that TV for years, and we finally had enough money saved up to purchase one.

What is the most significant thing you plan to do with your IO money?

I am planning on saving every cent of our IO money so that I can contribute to a down payment towards a new house! It will make me feel amazing to be not just be able to say “I had a part in buying this,” but to also know that I had a “why” that was powerful enough to make me not stop until it was completed.

Friends and Family

What does Initial Outfitters give you on a personal level that you don’t receive from your occupation?

Initial Outfitters has provided a way for me to share my faith in Jesus with others, which I don’t always have at my teaching job. Every time I share my “WHY” bag, I share about Jesus — that He has called me to give to those who are in need.

How do you feel that you are able to make a difference with your IO business?

By sharing IO opportunities with others and helping others achieve goals for themselves.
Sharing with others how the Lord has blessed me with extra money, new friends, and opportunities to talk about Jesus.
Giving to the Charlie’s Lunch Ministry, and encouraging others to give also.
Making people smile by hosting fun parties.

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Dainty Layers

March 18th, 2016


Dainty Layers

Minimalist layering is trending, and when done right it is far from boring. Simple pieces defined by metal choice, texture, and color create interest in an outfit and give you style. Remember clothes are well…just clothes, until they are accessorized! Accessories pull your look together and give you a put-together style that gets noticed.

Chokers are so popular right now as a top layer.

JN0008 $18 SP hammered neckwire | JP0319 $16 [E] Edgy pendant shown on JN0031-0016 $33 16” Sterling chain.

Silver Choker and Dainty Layers | Initial Outfitters

When layering in 3’s with a choker, the top layer should be the widest part of the layering set.

JN0361 $18 Goldtone neckwire | JN0315 $49 [E] 14K Gold Bar necklace | JN0778 $32 Point the Way necklace

3 Gold Layers | Initial Outfitters

This Sterling Silver bar is not only one of our best-sellers, it is a classic, go-to piece for any lady’s jewelry box. We love pairing this piece with the floral strand of our new Claire Necklace set that is featured on the cover of our Spring 2016 Catalog.

JN0776 $59 [E] Sterling bar | JN0789 $39 The Claire

Floral and Silver Bar Necklace Dainty Layers | Initial Outfitters

St. Patrick’s Day isn’t the only time to count yourself lucky! Top pendant personalized with a couples initial, layered with a symbol of how lucky in love you are.

JC0110 $21 [E] 14K Gold Plated charm on JN0541-16 $14 16-18” Tiny Bead Chain | JC0180 $14 Clover charm and JC0137-04 $12 Loved charm, shown on JN0351-0020 $22 20-23” Goldtone rolo

Gold Dainty Layers | Initial Outfitters

A beautiful set incorporating those closest to your heart.

JN0775-K $42 Sterling Initial and Freshwater Pearl necklace | JN0784 $24 Rhinestone Cross necklace | JP0550 $22 [E] SP Pennant shown on JN0540-28 $18 28-32″ Tiny Bead Chain

Silver Dainty Layers | Initial Outfitters

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Hostess Exclusives

March 17th, 2016

We love to reward our hostesses! In addition to your regular Hostess Rewards, you can shop our Hostess Specials each month and take advantage of our Hostess Exclusive Deals listed below. Host a $1200 party and choose one of our Hostess Exclusive Deals at 80% off + receive a bonus gift.  Hosting a party is simple, and your consultant will take care of everything & help you get ready for the party every step of the way. Contact your consultant to get your Initial Outfitters party on the calendar today!

Cover Girl Look
HS0064-(specify option)

Retail Price $251-$253
It’s 80% off with a $1000 Party!
Your price $50.60 for the entire Look! 



Vintage Gold Look

Retail Price $235
Host a $1000 Party and get the entire look for $47!




Vintage Gold Generations Necklace
HS0067-(specify option)

Retail Price $128
Get it at 80% off with a $1000 Party! That’s only $25.60!




Arm Party Look
HS0066-(specify option)

Retail Price $185
It’s 80% off with a $1000 Party!
Your price is $37 for the entire Look!

Vintage Silver Look

Retail Price $212
Host at $1000 Party and get the entire look for $42.40!



Nylon Travel Set

Retail Price $167
Get it a 80% off with a $1000 Party! That’s only $33.40!




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Come Sail Away in Personalized Nautical Style!

March 11th, 2016

March is the month of Spring Break {for most of us}, which means it’s almost time to take a break and travel with friends and family.  Make packing fun & easy when you go for stripes in our new Nautical Navy print. It just screams “take me somewhere tropical!”  & offers all of the pieces you need to pack quickly and easily, and stay organized while you travel!


Fun Easter Baskets!

March 11th, 2016


easter header
Here comes Peter Cotton Tail hoppin’ down the bunny trail, hippity hoppity, Easter’s on its way! Easter comes early this year… can you believe it’s just two weeks away!? We are getting our Easter baskets ready here at Initial Outfitters. We all share fond memories of colorful Easter baskets full of candy and gifts as well as the egg hunts dressed in our Sunday best. From bright colored grass covered with plastic Easter eggs to cellophane wrapped baskets secured with a beautiful bow, it was the goodies inside that were highly anticipated. The baskets were pretty but once they served their purpose they ended up back in the attic until next year. That got us thinking… let’s offer a cute, yet practical product to be used as an Easter basket. One of our favorite classic totes, the Polka Dot Jute Tote, comes in two fun colors making it hard to choose which one. This bag can be used as a tote, an overnight bag, Barbie stowaway bin, road trip bag, or a place for your favorite things. Check out how our Easter baskets are coming along…tote style! 🙂

garden basket

GC0002-1000 $18 Cap | SC0283-26 $18 Personalized Coffee Mug


craft basket

SC0312-28 $19 Placemat | EN0004-0600 $10 headband


Polka Dot Jute Totes | $14 until March 20th (reg. $32).


You better hurry this price won’t last long. Contact your Initial Outfitters consultant to place your order today!


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March Sign-On Bonus!

March 10th, 2016

March is THE month to join Initial Outfitters!  New kits & a new Sign-On Bonus featuring our new Brooke Envelope Sling!


Travel in Style!

March 4th, 2016


spring break header
March is the month of Spring Break {for most of us}, which means it’s almost time to take a break and travel with friends and family. It’s the long awaited break between Christmas and summer where we try to get tan in a week, eat a lot :), and get in an adventure or two. This year Spring Break cannot come fast enough… are we right?! Another question- Do you have all the right pieces to make packing easy and fun? Check out IO’s Travel-In-Style Collection, featuring two adorable prints! You can’t go wrong with our top selling Gray Florence print, boasting a chic design in gray and white. Or go for stripes in our new Nautical Navy print which screams “take me somewhere tropical!” Both collections offer all of the pieces you need to pack quickly and easily, and stay organized while you travel! The jewelry roll is a MUST-HAVE because keeping your jewels organized and protected is important, and this is the best jewelry roll ever if we do say so ourselves! What are you waiting for? Grab your map, select your destination, and get personal with the ones you love!


beach bound
grey florence

EH0139-01 $64 Garment Bag | SC0268-15 $42 Wallet | EH0157-03 $39 Two Tone Sling | EH0142-01 $28 Cosmetic Train | EH0143-01 $32 Jewelry Roll | SC0275-25 $16 Luggage Wrap | EH0140-01 $52 Weekender Bag


come sail away
navy stripe

EH0155-04 $69 Large Weekender Bag | SC0266-25 $16 Luggage Wrap | GC0002-0700 $18 Ball Cap | EH0149-02 $39 Lauryn Sling | EH0144-04 $36 Hanging Toiletry | EH0141-04 $26 Curling Iron Case | ES0086-02 $24 Ikat Infinity Scarf | SC0235-17 $22 Passport Cover | EH0139-04 $64 Garment Bag


grey florence collection
navy stripe collection

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DIY: Spring Wreath

February 26th, 2016


spring trends

It’s DIY time, and with some new wooden monogram designs here at IO, our team decided to get crafty. One of our new designs includes a family name and initial combo that would look perfect on a wreath. There are so many themes when it comes to wreath making so don’t dwell too long on the design. For this DIY, flower pots were selected as the main theme and the décor of the wooden monogram followed. A crafters dream spray adhesive was discovered at Hobby Lobby that will adhere scrapbook paper to wood. With this design, use a natural or light stain and apply sparingly. This will allow the etched name to be seen on your wreath.

Materials used: Vine wreath, moss, artificial leaf vine, 3 mini flower pots, 3 stems of artificial flowers, floral wire, glue gun, spray adhesive, scrapbook paper (2 sheets), x-acto knife, cutting board, and wood stain.

Start with the vine wreath. First, glue the moss and leaves to the wreath. Next, wire the pots to the wreath and fill them with moss and flowers.

spring wreath 1
spring wreath 2
spring wreath 3
spring wreath 4

Cut scrapbook paper to fit the area inside the wooden square (you do not want glue to contact the wood that will be stained). Spray the adhesive all over the back of the printed paper and immediately press onto the cut-out letter, one section at a time. Smooth over the letter surface with fingers to secure the glue to the wood and allow to dry a few minutes.

spring wreath 5
spring wreath 6
spring wreath 7
spring wreath 8

Flip the wooden monogram to the back side on the cutting board and use the X-acto knife to cut off excess paper around the single initial. Once done, stain unfinished wood with a thick paper towel or rag.

spring wreath 9

Attach the wooden monogram to the vine wreath with floral wire. Your DIY is finished and ready to hang for your guests and family members to admire!

spring wreath 10

With creative juices flowing, two more wooden cutouts were painted, stained, sanded and attached to wreaths. Pictured on the left, a vine wreath simply decorated with dried flowers and leaves wired on. Pictured on the right, a foam form covered with moss and all decorations secured with floral pins only! Super easy!

more spring wreaths

Inspiration can be found in our DIY board and images below. IO has so many adorable wooden monograms to choose from , the finished product is up to you!


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Spring Fashion Trends 2016

February 19th, 2016


spring trends

The temperatures here in Alabama are saying spring has sprung! In light of the warmer weather, let’s explore a few of this year’s trends. For those of you not in Alabama, spring will come…we promise! Many of the trends have carried over from fall, just in spring colors and lighter-weight fabrics.

We have two colors of the year for 2016: Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue, which are cool and calm pastels. Play around mixing these pastels with navy, red, a rich peach/orange, or even summer white. Serenity Blue and Rose Quartz are complemented by silver or gold accessories. Keep it simple at the neckline with a classic personalized piece, or play it up with fringe. Get creative with a textured bracelet stack, and don't forget your purse! Our Lauryn sling and Addison tassel handbag are the perfect grab-and-go choices this spring.

rose quartz



Boyfriend jeans and plaid… Oh My! These two trends are so versatile and look great with our vintage collections as well as our silver and gold collections. Our Worth the Tassel necklace in vintage silver and our Rhapsody leather cuff look great with an oversized plaid shirt and tank. Not feeling the grunge look? Dress up your boyfriend jeans with a streamline jacket and our silvertone Best Fringe Forever necklace for a street savy style.

boyfriend jeans

grunge look



If jeans don't appeal to you then take a look around and you will find dresses in full swing… pun intended :). Showcase layers of jewelry and don't be afraid to mix metals. Bright gold combined with vintage gold bring this basic dress to life!

swing dress

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