Earn Extra Money with a Job you Love — Host in-home Parties Selling Personalized Gifts

Initial Outfitters offers business opportunities for anyone looking to make extra money. It is the perfect job for stay at home moms. Make a living that makes a difference by selling personalized jewelry, personalized gifts, monogram initials, and other monogram items through your business. Conduct a jewelry party and earn extra money in your dream job. Get started today by contacting us.

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your dream job can help you make extra money

Make extra money with your dream job

Home Party Business Opportunity

Monogram Initials Jewelry and Bags

Make a Difference


What if you could write your own dream job description? Would your dream job look something like this:

Work From Home Business Opportunity


  • Flexible hours – can change from day/day, week/week as you determine
  • Time off for soccer games, school field trips, volunteer work, and neighborhood bible studies encouraged
  • Recognition given generously for successes large and small
  • Must love monograms, personalized gifts, charms, and home parties
  • Must be able to rock an initial necklace
  • Work from home, or mobile office
  • Use your business to make a difference
  • Meet people and make friends in your community and across the country
  • No experience, only enthusiasm, required. We give you all of the training and support you need!


All candidates will be accepted! Stay at home moms, educators, healthcare professionals, and working moms looking to make extra money are encouraged to apply.

Well guess what?! You have just found your dream job! As an Initial Outfitters consultant, by holding jewelry parties, all of this and more is possible! Are you ready to make a living that makes a difference? Contact us for more information today!

Home party business opportunity for stay at home moms.

Your dream job can make a difference and you can make extra money. Initial outfitters has dream jobs for stay at home moms, business opportunities, and offers personalized jewelry, personalized gifts, and jewelry parties. Host home parties with monogram initials products.


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